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Bits & Pieces – Infusion Baroque

Bits & Pieces – Infusion Baroque 150 150

Almonte in Concert featured Infusion Baroque on January 13, 2019 in a concert entitled “Son of a Bach!” Here is Infusion Baroque (and friends) playing Quintetto in A Major, II. Andante (from Infusion Baroque – Kreüsser: 6 Quintettos, Op. 10 ).

Bits & Pieces – Tom Allen

Bits & Pieces – Tom Allen 150 150

Tom Allen, who led “Missing Pages” an AIC evening of music, song, history, and drama in 2019, explains below why we sing Do-Re-Mi and not Ut-Re-Mi, as we did for 700 years before someone finally said “UT, that’s not that fun to sing.”