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June 2020

Bits & Pieces – Eliane Rodrigues 150 150

Bits & Pieces – Eliane Rodrigues

And now for something completely different! While Brazilian pianist, Eliane Rodrigues has not performed on our Almonte in Concert stage, she demonstrates how the show must go on…even below the…

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Bits & Pieces – Blair Lofgren 150 150

Bits & Pieces – Blair Lofgren

Music overcomes the pandemic. Enjoy a virtual treat as Blair Lofgren (cello in Québec) with Fabien Gabel (piano in Paris), both members of the l’Orchestre Symphonique de Québec, play the…

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Bits & Pieces – Jacqueline Woodley 150 150

Bits & Pieces – Jacqueline Woodley

Who will forget the warm personality of our Christmas soprano, Jacqueline Woodley who performed with Frédéric Lacroix (piano) and Yehonatan Berick (violin) at the sold-out concert Home for the Holidays…

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Bits & Pieces – Jasper Wood and David Riley 150 150

Bits & Pieces – Jasper Wood and David Riley

Let William Kroll’s Banjo & Fiddle lift your spirits and get your toes tapping as Jasper Wood – violin and David Riley – piano perform this lively piece. Jasper Wood…

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